How to protect your body this Flu season

It is that time of year—cold and flu season. As a Chiropractic office, we’ve helped out many people who have suffered from weak immune systems. As we gradually descend into the cold winter months, it is important to keep a healthy and boosted immune system. With consistent chiropractic adjustments and healthy lifestyle practices, you can […]

How to stop taking pain medication.

You may have heard the term “opioid epidemic”. There are a lot of different kinds of pain medications and it is easy to become dependent on them. If you find yourself taking them frequently for extended periods of time it can start to cause damage to your organs. To get rid of your dependence on […]

COVID-19 and Chiropractic

Is chiropractic a treatment option for coronavirus? In short no, but the reason for this answer may not be what you expect. Chiropractic does not treat or cure any condition. Only our body can heal itself. Now, with that being said can chiropractic help the body to function more efficiently at protecting and healing itself […]

Protect yourself from viruses

The rapid spread of the coronavirus now called COVID-19 has sparked alarm worldwide. As we learn more about this virus, we see that many individual cases of infected people that die from this virus have been shown to have underlying health issues that weaken the immune system and increase the probability of death. Leaving many […]


Stepping into a new year! Stepping into a new DECADE. We want to help you accomplish your goals in 2020, by selecting a few of our BEST top 10 tips! Whether you’re humming to the tune of a New Year New You! or not, setting goals at any point (not just in January but all […]

Top 10 reasons you should see a chiropractor

When you hear the word Chiropractor, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pain relief, right? It’s true that Chiropractic does help with musculoskeletal complaints, but that’s not what has kept Chiropractic a separate and distinct healthcare profession for the last 118 years.In the earlier part of the 20th Century people mainly came to […]

Keep this in mind for summertime

We all know summer activities create some of our most cherished memories. On top of all the outdoor activities, having the best summer is includes staying fit and healthy too. Here are some things to consider while you’re having fun in the sun! -Hydration: Drink plenty of water. As you arise each morning and before […]

Why you should see a chiropractor after an auto accident

“I was involved in an automobile accident but I wasn’t hurt.” Or were you hurt but just don’t know it yet?Whether the accident happened yesterday or years ago you may have sustained an injury without even knowing. In high speed accidents, serious bodily injury is obvious, but what about in cases of low speed fender […]

What Causes The “Popping” Sound During Chiropractic Adjustments?

This is a question I get quite often, especially from new patients that have never been adjusted before but have heard from a friend or relative that they go to the chiropractor to get cracked (some people describe it as getting popped, which may sound slightly better to some). Getting Cracked?Now getting cracked is not […]

Why Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Maintenance Care

This is one question I get asked often. To effectively describe why health insurance will not cover chiropractic maintenance care, I first need to explain the difference between medically necessary care (also known as active care) and maintenance care (also known as wellness care). Medically Necessary Chiropractic CareCare is considered medically necessary when there is […]

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