Cerebral Palsy

Chiropractic care designed for people with cerebral palsy.

How Chiropractic Intervention Can Help

Cerebral palsy is a permanent neurological condition that affects a person’s body movement, coordination and balance. It’s mostly caused inuterio from reduced oxygen to the brain and can also be caused from delivery complications.

While cerebral palsy cannot be cured, there are some reports that chiropractic care can help improve overall body function and help with other symptoms that might be related to nervous system health. While we don’t treat cerebral palsy, our goal is to try and get your spine to function as best as possible and to remove any nerve interference or subluxations that might be taking place and have your body adjust to the correct alignment.

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Patient Testimonial

A patient with cerebral palsy discusses the benefits of chiropractic care.*


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

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