Our nervous system is the most protected system in the body, more than the heart, more than the lungs, and even more than the liver. These organs are mostly protected by the rib cage but the nervous system is protected not only by the rib cage but also by the skull and spinal column. It is almost fully encased by bone! Without the nervous system our body ceases to function so to say it is very important would still be an understatement.

I am sure you would agree that it would be in our best interest to take care of it.

What are Subluxations?

This is where chiropractic care comes in. Subluxations are misalignments in our spine that put abnormal pressure on our spinal nerves (nervous system) as well as other structures such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This can cause our body to function less than optimally.

Some common symptoms we can experience due to subluxations are pain, numbness, muscle weakness, dizziness, and stiffness just to name a few.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Chiropractors perform an adjustment to remove subluxations and realign your spine if the symptoms you are experiencing are due to subluxations. This will allow your nervous system to function more optimally, heal itself (which only our body can do), and hopefully relieve/remove your symptoms. Keep in mind that the sooner subluxations are treated, the better chance for a faster and full recovery in most cases.

If you are experiencing pain or any other symptoms take the time to have your spine evaluated for subluxations. On second thought have your spine evaluated even if you do not have pain. We have our teeth checked by a dentist to treat asymptomatic issues as well as to hopefully prevent issues in the future, why not do the same for our spine?

Please take the time to have your spinal health checked, it is worth it, and you are worth it.

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