What to Expect


Dr. Schnelle ready for patient consultation
After completing your intake paperwork you will sit down with Dr. Schnelle to discuss your health concerns in detail.



Dr. Schnelle performing an examination of patient After the consultation the examination portion of your visit will begin. Here Dr. Schnelle will go through multiple tests to help determine what is causing your issues and if chiropractic is a viable treatment option.


X-Rays/MRI and other Additional Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Schnelle looking at x-rays
These tests are not always needed but in some cases are recommended for further diagnosis. Dr. Schnelle will never guess with your health and if he feels it is in your best interest to undergo additional testing he will explain the reasons why and answer any of your questions.


Report of Findings

Dr. Schnelle with patient's report of findings
After Dr. Schnelle has had the time to study the findings from your consultation, examination, and any additional diagnostic tests he will go over his assessment in detail with you. You are encourages to ask any questions you may have to ensure your complete understanding of your findings and plan of treatment.

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